renovation and conversion of existing commercial building for retail use plus addition of duplex single family home above

1. energy concept
the design is an attempt to create a passive solar house to minimize heating and cooling costs.we achieved this by constructing a well-insulated building shell out of the ICF building system and a large south-facing triple-insulated glass facade which leads to a roof garden on top of the retail space.

the 4' roof overhang and the 3rd floor balcony provide shading for the glass facade in summer while the low angle of the sun in the winter will provide heat for the interior.
as a supplement to the passive solar concept, we utilized an HVAC split system with a heat pump rather than a typical furnace and A/C unit.
the heating cost is further reduced through an energy recovery ventilator, which uses the warm exhaust air to preheat the incoming cool fresh air.
in the summer months, the ventilator works in reverse.

2. design concept:
the design of the openings on the street-facing facade did not take place until halfway through the construction process when we were able to meet with the clients onsite to determine where certain openings could be placed to respond to light conditions, views of the skies and exterior, and to maintain privacy.
view from street
floor plans