Passiv Haus
174 Grand Street in Williamsburg / Brooklyn

mixed use building: private residence above retail store

this our attempt to build NYC's first new building which fulfills the strict german Passiv Haus standard.

envelope design:
walls: load-bearing 8" concrete masonry units with 6" EPS exterior insulation
parapets: autoclave aerrated concrete blocks to avoid thermal bridging
exterior finish: EFIS with 7" EPS
interior finish: CMU painted, all electric installation exposed
roof: 4" concrete on steel deck covered by 8" rigid insulation
windows: Walch Windows from Austria
residence entrance door: custom 4" thick wood panel

mechanical concept:
one Mitsubishi ducted indoor unit for remaining heating and cooling demand.
Zehnder ComfoAir 350 Enery Recovery Ventilator
exterior sun sail at the south facade to avoid summer overheating

A: us
S: Murray Engineering
MEP: us
PH: us and David White

photos by Raimund Koch