Landmark renovation and addition 228 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Our tree goals are restoring the beauty of this landmarked building by bringing back the cornice and bay windows, the full renovation of the interior to meet PH standards and the conversion of the 60s garage to a minuscule townhouse.

4-family Landmark Passive House retrofit - treated floor area: 3,250 sqft

Owner: Dominik Eckenstein – 228 Washington Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205 -

Airtightness approach:
Pro Clima tapes and membranes on inside of brick surface -
Solitex Mento interior against brick / Intello Plus in ceilings of 4th & basement
Tescon Vana & Unitape

Roof:5” Polyisocyanurate on exterior & 8” of cellulose between wood joists
Walls:4-5” dense pack cellulose on all exterior walls -
1st floor:8” of cellulose between wood joists over unconditioned basement
Windows:Sorpetaler custom tilt and turn wood windows with triple glazing -
Uglas: 0.12 BTU/hr.ft2.F (=R8.33)

2 Zehnder Comfoair 350 ERV & 550 ERV -

Domestic hot water:
2 GE Hybrid GeoSpring Water Heater GEH50DEEDSC -

Heating and cooling:
Mitsubishi air-to-air heat pumps with 2 compressors, 6 ductless & 1 ducted unit -

PHPP data:
Specific space heat demand: ~ 7.5 kBTU /ft2yr
Latest blower door test result: 1,9 ACH50
1940: no cars
1980: gigantic cars
2011: still cars but no cornice